Easy Fall Arrangement Step by Step

November 21, 2014

Easy Fall Arrangement Step by Step

Here is a cute arrangement for your Thanksgiving table and/or fall decorations. We think this will be a good addition to your home decor. Good for outdoors too! Enjoy.

Easy Fall Arrangement Step by Step




To make one from a large squash such as the ‘Hubbard,’ cut a hole near the top with a miniature saw and insert a glass jar in the neck to hold water for bittersweet or other branches.


You may also need to trim off some of the squash’s bottom to stand it upright; a bit of waxed paper underneath will protect your tabletop. For petite varieties such as the white ‘Baby Boo’ pumpkin, insert a small glass votive candleholder to hold water for cuttings of mum heads or other bulbs.

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Thanksgiving Pear Decorations

November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Pear Decorations

Here is a wonderful little treat for your thanksgiving holidays that will impress your guest and warm their tummies.

Thanksgiving Pear DecorationsWhen this time of year rolls around, I can’t help but think of the first time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I was 22 and my culinary hero/ superwoman (my mom) had just passed away two months before. All of our family friends wanted to be together as usual which made it over 25 people. Talk about being thrown into the deep end!

I remember in the weeks ahead of ‘the big day’, I would stay up late to study recipes, how-to guides and do mathematical equations to find the perfect turkey cooking time. It had to be good- I’m my mother’s daughter after all. In those moments, I wish I would have complained a little less about helping and paid a bit more attention on how she did things. She was amazing.

So as the day was upon me, I had most things under control but the only thing that stressed me out was the turkey; it’s the star of the show after all. I remember going to bed around 1am after putting the final touches on the set table and waking up before dawn at 5.30am to prep the turkey. Half asleep, I managed to haul it into the sink so I could get the stuff out of it. I had gloves, tongs and a flashlight for the task – it was like I was ready for a spelunking adventure. I managed to get the neck and other fun ‘bits’ out of the inside but was confused because I could have sworn that each turkey came with a bag of other fun goodies i.e. innards as well. I searched and searched but didn’t find them.  I thought they must have forgotten to put them in. So I rinsed the bird (those suckers are slippery and heavy) and dried it. Got my butter mixture up under the skin (being elbow deep in a turkey is not my idea of a good time) and got it into the oven.

The rest of the dishes turned out brilliantly but as the time approached to serve the bird, I was nervous – would it be cooked right, would it be too dry, etc. I got it onto its platter and it looked great from the outside so, I began to carve it – publicly. It wasn’t until I got up around the top of the bird, in the neck part to be exact, that I noticed something a little funny. Something that suspiciously looked like a bag. So yeah, that happened. Long story short, the turkey turned out amazing, especially for my first ever go at it and word to the wise – they don’t just ‘forget’ the bag of bits.

So with that said, I wanted to share a little easy and fun Thanksgiving DIY decoration to get us all into the season. All it takes are a few pears, some whole cloves and some clever wording.

Here are the materials – a few Fiorelli Pears. I like these particular pears because they have a bit of red in them and they are small. You could really use any type of pear or even an apple.

Thanksgiving Pear Decorations

After you decide on the message that you want (welcome, give thanks, happy thanksgiving), carefully mark out the letters on the pears. Take your cloves and push them in to the pears being sure to follow the marked out letter.

Word to the wise – don’t do these too far in advance. They only last for about 2 days before the bruising around the outside of the letters starts to shViola! Ready to go. You could do ones that say ‘welcome’ and place them on a table in the foyer. There is no end to these little guys’ versatility. I hope you enjoy making this fun and super easy Thanksgiving decoration.

much love! jess.


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26 Great DIY Wall Art Ideas

November 20, 2014

26 Great DIY Wall Art Ideas

Here is a very nice combination of ideas that can perk up your home with very little work and BIG results. Try some of these during your holiday season. -Just in time for when the family comes to have Thanksgiving dinner!!

26 Great DIY Wall Art Ideas

If you want to have something unique in your home, something creative that will make you living room or bedroom special, then you should try these diy wall art ideas.

They are easy to make, and they look so creative and so great. Look at these diy wall art ideas maybe you will find inspiration and one of these art pieces will soon be hanging in your living room, or maybe you will get idea for your own art pieces.

Source #1

Source #2

Source #3

Source #4

Source #5

Source #6

…and there are plenty more where we found this article. Check it out at 26 Great DIY Wall Art Ideas.

DIY Thanksgiving Decor

November 19, 2014

DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Here is a very simple technique for making a cute little decoration for Thanksgiving that will make your guests beg you to tell them how you made them. Enjoy this wonderful picture tutorial.                                                                                                             

DIY Thanksgiving Decor

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DIY Glitter Christmas Ornament No Mess

November 13, 2014

DIY Glitter Christmas Ornament No Mess

Here is a lovely DIY way to make ornaments from scratch for your holiday season. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful project that will fill your home with cheer and Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

glitter-ornament-home-designSo…are you like me? You heart all things glittery. But hate it being all over you?…you know….looking like you’re about ready to hit the clubs…well…here’s some ornies that have all the sparkle…but none of the mess.

I so wish i could claim this idea as mine own…because it’s pure genius!…but i can’t!…insert sad face here…actually came across it on everyday cricut…these make the best gifties!…why?…because they’re so dang purty!…sorry…my west virginia is showing…lol…

The trick?…the glitter’s on the inside!…that’s right!…oh…and did i mention how freaking easy they are to make?…well…keep reading….and you’ll find out for yourself!. you’ll need some pledge with future shine floor wax…you read that correctly…lol…i got mine from walmart…now…it’s very important that you get this bottle with the blue cap…not sure if it’ll work with just any kind of floor wax….glitter…it needs to be fine stuff…i’ve found that martha stewart’s works the best…some clear glass ornies…cotton swabs….and i “borrowed” some paper cones from my work…they make the best funnels!.


1. Pop all the hangers out of the glass ornies.

2. Squirt some of the floor wax into the ornie

3. Swirl it around to coat the inside…it’s best not to shake…you don’t want any “froth” in there

4. Take of the cap of the floor wax…and let all the extra drain out…hee hee…kinda looks like a person.

If you have any bubbles in the ornie…you can take a cotton swab to get ‘em out…i used to put my pinkie in there…until it got caught like a fish hook…did that freaking hurt!…so…use the cotton swabs…your fingers will thank you.

Take your paper cone…and snip the top off…if you don’t have any of these…just cut the corner off an envelope…and snip the tip of it…voila…instant funnel!



5. Insert the funnel…and start adding the glitter!…it’s best to put a bunch in…don’t worry…you’re actually using just a small amount…but you want to make sure you have enough to coat the inside.

6. Start rolling the ornie around…the glitter will start to coat the inside.

7. Put your finger over the opening…and start to shake the glitter….this will get the neck of the ornie…and any other bare spots.


8. Take the lid off your glitter container…and place the ornie neck in there…all the glitter will start to run back in the jar…you can lighty tap on it…to make sure all the loose stuff comes out.

9. Plop those toppers back in!




And there ya go!…one ornie that glitters without all the mess!

Tie a little ribbon and adhere with a glue dot…then display on a brass ornie hanger…got this one at michael’s!





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