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About Us

Hands were made for grabbing toolboxes, beers, and football. 

When we occasionally stop to take out the trash and pack the garage, we inevitably find ourselves needing that extra shelf, toolkit, or ladder.  

This weekend's the big get together and you need some supplies.

After fussing around for spare parts, taking a beer break-in between, you decide to head over to the nearest shopping depot for home improvement things (we can't say their name here but you know who we're talking about).

You stumble through the isles searching for that outdoor backyard light and bug execution sonar. Anyway, you look at the price and think -- fu*k!

.....You open your Book of Faces app and start browsing the marketplace to see if you can pickup a used unit. 

That's when you saw our ad (queue choir music)


We pack a serious range of tools, hardware, and accessories for both your indoor and outdoor needs...

Like that mosquito murdering pole you've always wanted.

Without murdering your wallet. [✔]

So thanks for shopping with us. 

We live exclusively on the internet with warehouses around the continent, in some states you probably never heard of, selling nationwide to millions of Americans every year.

-- Ricky and the DIY Squad