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Shipping Policy

What is the time of arrival of my package?

Our arrival times in the destination country vary by geographical area.

USA and Canada: 5 to 8 working days via FedEx, USPS or UPS.

* All shipping times exclude customs clearance time, in customs distribution centers and in local parcels.

* Delivery estimates provided by DIY Ideas | Home & Garden tracking pages are not valid for claims, valid delivery times are those provided in the shipping policy.

*All delivery times are subject to variations according to high or low demand season by local and international transport companies.

You will receive a tracking number with your order, once the package is in your state, please contact your local USPS, UPS and FedEx courier company directly before contacting us. They have control over your parcel and its delivery.


Where do you send my package from?

To facilitate distribution of our products, all orders are processed and distributed directly from our warehouses in California, USA or New Jersey, USA. 


Who is responsible for my package?

At DIY Ideas | Home & Garden we are committed to sending your package as soon as you make your purchase, by doing so we take responsibility and guarantee that the package arrives to the customs of your country, once the package has been picked up by the postal service of your country, they are responsible for your package and you should contact them in case of failed deliveries and undelivered packages.

Local delivery time is excluded from our arrival time as we do not control this process. Please note that we send your package through a logistics company where they are the sender so we cannot change addresses once the package has been sent.

You can contact us at if you have problems with the delivery of your package after you have contacted the parcel service.


When will my package be shipped?

At times of high demand, orders may take up to 3 days to be dispatched from our warehouse.


What is the cost of international shipping?

We are very proud to offer free shipping anywhere in the world .

However, DIY Ideas | Home & Garden is not responsible for any additional charges for postage, taxes or customs of the country of destination.


Can I insure my package?

We offer you the option to insure your package in case of loss. Only if your purchase has been insured we will cover the amount of your order in case of loss during delivery.


What if my package didn't arrive on-time?

For possible delays with customs or problems with transport companies, if you have not received your purchase after 15 working days beyond the delivery time stipulated in this policy, as applicable to your region, please make a complaint to to review your order immediately. 

North America: 30 working days.


What do I do if my package does not have updates in tracking?

If you have not received your package within the maximum waiting time of 45 business days, see your package with error messages in the tracking as "Shipment Cancelled", or see the same status for more than 10 days, please contact us shortly at If we detect unusual transit on your package we will proceed to send a new product/package which will be delivered within the arrival margin stipulated in our shipping policy (Only if your order includes insurance).


What if I entered a wrong address?

We want you to receive your purchase as soon as possible, please make sure you enter your address correctly on the payment screen. If you notice you've made a mistake in management, contact us immediately before your package is shipped.

We are not responsible for failed deliveries if the buyer has provided an invalid or incorrect address.


What if the parcel service couldn't deliver my package or I couldn't pick it up?

Since there are no guarantees from customs or local parcel authorities for returns to sender, once the goods have entered the country of destination, DIY Ideas | Home & Garden cannot be held responsible for packages with failed delivery that have not been claimed from the post office by the buyer as well as packages in customs that have not been claimed.


What to do if my package has been returned to origin?

If your package has been returned to origin, it is because the postal service in your country or customs could not deliver the package, or because you as the buyer did not pick up the package at the postal service or customs within the designated time.

Shipments returned to origin are not the responsibility of DIY Ideas | Home & Garden and therefore do not qualify for a refund, however, please email us at to evaluate your case and determine if we can reship your package once we receive it at our warehouse of origin.

Please note that many packages in "returned" condition never arrive at the warehouse of origin, so there is no guarantee that your package can be resent.


When can I request a refund?

You can request a refund when your package has not arrived in the hands of the postal service in your country during the maximum delivery period of 45 working days. If we have resent a new package the arrival time will start again from the day the new package was sent. (see What do I do if my package does not have updates in tracking?)

You can request a refund if your package has been returned to origin/lost/stolen only if you purchased the insurance at the time of purchase.


What does my package insurance include?

If you have paid the insurance for your package, you can rely on us to refund the full amount of your purchase if your package is lost, stolen or not delivered within the maximum delivery period which you will find in this policy.
(The amount of the insurance is not refundable)


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department at