Luxurious Look for Less: Video by Kristen McGowan

In the video “Luxurious Look for Less” by Kristen McGowan, she discusses 10 reasons why homes look cheap and shares interior design mistakes to avoid. The main focus of the video is on creating a high-end and luxurious look in your home on a budget, without the need for expensive furniture and decor. Kristen provides various design hacks, styling tips, furniture placement ideas, and lighting suggestions to help achieve the desired look. Viewers are encouraged to check out the video for detailed tips and share their favorite ideas in the comments. Additionally, the video includes information on interior design trends for 2024, as well as links to shop for items featured in different room makeovers. Kristen mentions a couples podcast by Chris & Kris and shares her social media handles as well. She also includes a disclaimer stating that some links in the video are affiliate links. Ultimately, the content of the video is centered around creating a luxurious look for less in home design and emphasizes the importance of proper scale, avoiding clutter, and choosing a design style over a theme.

Luxurious Look for Less: Video by Kristen McGowan

Luxurious Look for Less: Video by Kristen McGowan


In Kristen McGowan’s video on creating a luxurious look for less, she provides valuable insights and tips on how to avoid design mistakes and achieve a high-end aesthetic on a budget. Kristen emphasizes the importance of affordability and design hacks in creating a luxurious home. From furniture placement to lighting suggestions, she covers a wide range of topics to help viewers transform their living spaces.

Design Mistakes to Avoid

Kristen delves into 10 common reasons why homes look cheap and provides guidance on how to avoid these design mistakes. She emphasizes the significance of proper scale and proportion when selecting furniture. Choosing pieces that fit the space properly is key to creating a balanced and polished look. Additionally, Kristen advises against using glitzy and glamorous decor, as it can detract from an elevated design aesthetic.

Creating a High-End Look on a Budget

To achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank, Kristen shares her tips and tricks. She emphasizes the use of affordable furniture and decor, highlighting the value of thrifted and secondhand finds. By selecting quality pieces at discounted prices, viewers can furnish their homes with items that exude luxury. Kristen also highlights the importance of choosing a design style, rather than a theme, when decorating to achieve a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Design Hacks and Styling Tips

In this section, Kristen provides practical design hacks and styling tips to elevate the overall aesthetic of a space. She emphasizes the importance of creating vignettes and intentional styling to add visual interest and avoid empty surfaces. Kristen encourages viewers to consider using a minimalist acrylic calendar to organize schedules and declutter spaces. By implementing these design hacks and styling tips, viewers can create a luxurious look without overwhelming their spaces.

Luxurious Look for Less: Video by Kristen McGowan

Furniture Placement

Kristen emphasizes the importance of furniture placement in transforming the overall look and feel of a space. By changing the furniture layout, viewers can instantly upgrade the aesthetics of their homes. Kristen provides tips for optimal furniture placement, such as ensuring there is enough space to walk through comfortably and utilizing room dividers to create separate zones. She highlights the significance of creating a more spacious feel through thoughtful placement of furniture.

Lighting Suggestions

Enhancing the ambiance of a space is crucial to achieving a luxurious look, and Kristen provides valuable lighting suggestions to help viewers achieve this. She advises viewers to choose the right light fixtures that complement the overall design aesthetic. Layering lighting for depth and utilizing natural light are also key considerations in enhancing the overall lighting scheme. Kristen shares practical tips to make the most of lighting options and transform the atmosphere of a room.

Luxurious Look for Less: Video by Kristen McGowan

Interior Design Trends for 2024

Kristen explores emerging interior design trends for 2024, including color palettes, materials, textures, and furniture styles. By staying ahead of the trends, viewers can incorporate elements into their homes that exude luxury and sophistication. Kristen also emphasizes the importance of incorporating sustainable designs, as environmentally-friendly choices are gaining popularity in the interior design world.

Shop the Featured Makeovers

Kristen provides links to shop the items featured in several makeovers, including the family room, living room, bachelor’s apartment, guest bedroom, breakfast nook, closet bar, entryway, bathroom, dining room, and small bathroom. By accessing these links, viewers can easily find the items they need to recreate the luxurious looks showcased in the video.

Chris & Kris Couples Podcast

Kristen mentions the Chris & Kris Couples Podcast, which offers further insight into various aspects of home design and relationships. Viewers are encouraged to listen and subscribe to this podcast for additional content related to creating a luxurious home and maintaining healthy relationships.

Social Media Handles

Kristen provides her social media handles, including Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Threads, and Snapchat. Viewers can follow her on these platforms to stay updated on her latest projects, design tips, and inspiration. By engaging with Kristen on social media, viewers can further enhance their knowledge and create a community of like-minded individuals interested in achieving a luxurious look for less.

In conclusion, Kristen McGowan’s video provides comprehensive guidance on achieving a luxurious look for less in home design. By avoiding design mistakes, utilizing affordable furniture and decor, implementing design hacks and styling tips, considering furniture placement and lighting suggestions, and staying informed about upcoming interior design trends, viewers can effortlessly transform their homes into luxurious retreats. By shopping the featured makeovers and engaging with Kristen on social media, viewers can continue to gather inspiration and expand their knowledge in the world of home design.

Is your home looking cheap? Are you making these common interior design mistakes without even realizing it?! In this video, I am fixing common design mistakes that are making your home look cheap. I’ll share my 10 designer tips and tricks to create a high-end, luxurious looking home, all on a budget. You don’t need to buy expensive furniture and decor to get the luxurious look. You can use these design hacks to create a similar look. Everything from decor hacks, styling tips, furniture placement, lighting…we’re covering it all! Check out this video for my top tips and let me know your favorites in the comments below! #interiordesign #homedecor

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