Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack for a Stunning Breakfast Nook

In this article, titled “Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack for a Stunning Breakfast Nook,” you’ll discover an extreme makeover of a breakfast nook by interior designer Kristen McGowan. The transformation includes priming, painting, and adding picture frame molding to the walls, all without the use of power tools. Additionally, the article highlights the incorporation of new furniture and a renter-friendly lighting hack. McGowan also shares easy DIY decor tricks to completely transform the space. If you’re looking for ideas to refresh your own breakfast nook and create a stunning, cohesive look, this article is filled with inspiration and helpful tips.

The article begins with an introduction to the makeover project, the goals for the breakfast nook transformation, and the partnership with furniture company Castle re. The writer then outlines the steps taken, including priming and painting the walls with Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” paint. Additionally, picture frame molding is added to elevate the space’s aesthetic. Finally, the delivery of new furniture from Castle re is mentioned, with a focus on the sideboard and dining chairs. Overall, the article aims to provide readers with insights and ideas for their own breakfast nook makeovers.


Welcome to an article about the extreme makeover of a breakfast nook, inspired by Kristen McGowan’s video. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the transformation of this space, including the priming, painting, and addition of picture frame molding to the walls. We will also explore a renter-friendly lighting hack and easy DIY decor tricks that you can try at home. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn how to give your breakfast nook a fresh new look!

Background Information

Before we dive into the makeover details, let’s talk about Kristen McGowan’s credentials as an interior designer. Kristen holds a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Sheridan College and has a passion for creating beautiful spaces. In the video, she mentions that there are affiliate links included in the description, which means she may receive a small commission from purchases made through those links. Keep this in mind as you explore the recommended products.

The speaker, who is writing this article, is planning to remodel their outdated breakfast nook. They feel that it doesn’t match the rest of their house and lacks functionality. To execute this makeover, the speaker has partnered with Castle re, a furniture company known for its high-quality and stylish pieces.

Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack for a Stunning Breakfast Nook

Goals of the Makeover

The speaker has several goals for the breakfast nook makeover. First, they want to change the seating situation and downsize the space, as it is currently underutilized. Additionally, they plan to remove the accent wall and update the artwork to create a cohesive look with the rest of the house. Lastly, they aim to neutralize the space by using a warm neutral white paint color, ‘Simply White’ from Benjamin Moore.

Choosing the Paint Color

To kickstart the makeover, the speaker visits Benjamin Moore to pick up paint supplies. After careful consideration, they decide to go with the color ‘Simply White’ for the walls. This warm neutral white will complement the existing cabinets and give the space a fresh and bright feel. The speaker explains their reasoning behind the color choice, highlighting its versatility and ability to create a cohesive look throughout the house.

Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack for a Stunning Breakfast Nook

Painting and Adding Molding

The speaker takes us through the step-by-step process of painting the walls. They start by cutting the corners and edges before rolling on the paint. After achieving a clean and even coat, they move on to adding picture frame molding to the walls. The speaker emphasizes their love for picture frame molding, as it is an affordable and easy DIY method that instantly elevates a room. They planned and measured the rectangles beforehand, allowing for a seamless installation process. The final result is a transformed breakfast nook that looks elegant and cohesive.

Furniture Delivery

Next, the long-awaited furniture delivery from Castle re arrives. The speaker is excited to unveil the new pieces, including a sideboard and dining chairs. The sideboard, called the Honey Oaks Loone Sideboard, matches the finish of the existing kitchen island, tying the space together beautifully. The speaker describes the furniture’s high-quality construction and luxurious appearance, reinforcing their positive experience with Castle re.

Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack for a Stunning Breakfast Nook

The Final Result

After all the hard work and collaboration with Castle re, the breakfast nook is finally transformed. The speaker expresses their satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting how the space now matches the rest of the house. They compare this makeover to other room makeovers mentioned in Kristen McGowan’s video, showcasing the versatility and impact of DIY decor tricks. The speaker concludes by mentioning their plan to film a full house tour, allowing viewers to see the complete transformation.

Renter-Friendly Lighting Hack

In addition to the makeover itself, the speaker introduces a renter-friendly lighting hack. This hack is perfect for those who want to enhance their space without making permanent changes. The speaker explains the advantages of this hack for renters, emphasizing its ability to add visual interest and ambiance to any room. They provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement the hack, giving readers the opportunity to try it out themselves.


In conclusion, the extreme breakfast nook makeover inspired by Kristen McGowan’s video demonstrates the power of easy DIY decor tricks and thoughtful design choices. By priming, painting, and adding picture frame molding to the walls, the space is transformed into a cohesive and stylish area. With the addition of high-quality furniture from Castle re and a renter-friendly lighting hack, the breakfast nook becomes a functional and beautiful extension of the kitchen. The speaker encourages readers to explore their creativity and try DIY decor tricks in their own homes, reminding them that a fresh look is just a few steps away.

In this video, you will learn a renter-friendly lighting hack to create a stunning breakfast nook in your home. Interior Designer Kristen McGowan will guide you through an extreme makeover of her lake house kitchen nook, transforming it into a cute and cozy space. She will show you how to prime, paint, and add picture frame molding to the walls without using power tools. Additionally, she will share easy DIY decor tricks and ideas for adding new furniture, doorknobs, and lighting. By the end of the video, you will have plenty of inspiration to transform your own breakfast nook. Enjoy the video and get ready to create a beautiful space in your home!