What Are Some Effective Ways To Organize Craft Supplies?

Do you find yourself constantly searching for your craft supplies in a jumbled mess? If so, you’re not alone. Keeping your craft supplies organized can be a challenge, but fear not! This article will provide you with some practical and effective ways to keep your crafting materials in order, making your creative endeavors a breeze. From utilizing storage containers to creating designated spaces for each type of supply, these organization tips will help you say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized craft room. So, say goodbye to the frustration and let’s dive into some clever crafting organization solutions! Craft supplies can easily become overwhelming and cluttered if not properly organized. To help you keep your materials tidy and easily accessible, here are some effective ways to organize your craft supplies. From using storage containers to repurposing household items, these tips will help you create a functional and organized crafting space.

Use Storage Containers

Plastic bins

Plastic bins are a practical and versatile option for organizing craft supplies. They come in various sizes and can be stacked or placed on shelves to maximize space. You can use clear bins to easily see what’s inside or colored bins for a pop of fun. Sort your supplies by category or project type and label each bin accordingly.

Clear jars

Clear jars are perfect for storing small craft items such as beads, buttons, or sequins. They not only keep everything organized but also allow you to quickly see and access what you need. Mason jars or even repurposed food jars can be used, and you can customize the size to fit your needs. Arrange the jars on a shelf or in a drawer for easy access.


Don’t toss those empty shoeboxes! Shoeboxes can be a cost-effective solution for organizing craft supplies. They are especially useful for larger items like yarn, fabric, or bulky tools. You can stack the shoeboxes on shelves or inside cabinets and label them accordingly. With a little creativity, you can even decorate the shoeboxes to make them more visually appealing.

Utilize Wall Space


Pegboards are a fantastic way to maximize your wall space and keep your craft supplies within reach. Install a pegboard on an empty wall and use hooks or pegs to hang your tools, scissors, paintbrushes, and other frequently used items. You can customize the layout by arranging the pegs according to your needs. This not only keeps your supplies organized but also adds a decorative touch to your crafting space.

Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips offer a convenient way to store and display small metal craft supplies such as jewelry findings, pins, or paperclips. Simply attach the magnetic strip to a wall or the inside of a cabinet door and let the magnets hold your supplies in place. This not only saves space but also allows you to easily see and access what you need without rummaging through drawers.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are both functional and visually appealing, making them a great option for organizing craft supplies. Install floating shelves on your wall and use them to display your favorite craft books, magazines, or decorative items. You can also place baskets or bins on the shelves to store smaller supplies like ribbons, paints, or markers. The open design of floating shelves makes it easy to see and access your materials while adding a stylish touch to your crafting space.

What Are Some Effective Ways To Organize Craft Supplies?

Sort by Category

Separate paper supplies

If you’re a paper crafter, keeping your various paper supplies organized is essential. Separate your paper by type, color, or pattern and store them in individual folders, accordion files, or magazine holders. Label each container or folder so you know exactly what’s inside. This will not only save you time when searching for the right paper but also prevent it from getting wrinkled or damaged.

Group similar tools

Grouping similar tools together simplifies your crafting process and keeps everything in one place. Whether it’s scissors, rulers, or paintbrushes, designate specific containers or drawers for each type of tool. You can use drawer dividers or small bins to keep everything organized and prevent them from becoming a tangled mess. Labeling each container or drawer will make it easy for you to find what you need when inspiration strikes.

Organize embellishments

If you love adding embellishments to your crafts, organizing them can be a challenge. Use small, compartmentalized storage containers or drawers to keep your beads, sequins, buttons, or charms neatly sorted. If you have a large collection of embellishments, consider using a craft storage carousel for easy access. Categorize your embellishments by color, type, or size, and label each container accordingly. This will save you time and energy when searching for the perfect finishing touch for your projects.

Label Everything

Use adhesive labels

Labels are invaluable when it comes to keeping your craft supplies organized. Use adhesive labels on bins, jars, or folders to clearly identify the contents. This not only helps you find what you need quickly but also ensures that everything gets put back in its proper place. Invest in a label maker or simply use colorful sticky notes for a DIY labeling system.

Create a labeling system

To take your organization to the next level, create a labeling system that works for you. Consider using color-coded labels or symbols to categorize your supplies. For example, use green labels for paper supplies, blue labels for tools, and red labels for embellishments. This visual system makes it easy to locate specific items at a glance and keeps everything consistently organized.

Label containers and shelves

In addition to labeling the contents of your containers, be sure to label the containers and shelves themselves. This will help you and others know where each item belongs and encourage everyone to put things back in their designated spot. Use adhesive labels or chalkboard labels that can easily be changed or updated as your storage needs evolve.

What Are Some Effective Ways To Organize Craft Supplies?

Consider Portable Options

Craft caddies

Craft caddies are a convenient solution for those who like to take their supplies on the go. Whether you enjoy crafting in different rooms or need to bring your materials to a crafting class or event, a craft caddy allows you to keep everything organized and easily transportable. Look for one with compartments or pockets to keep your supplies neat and accessible.

Rolling carts

A rolling cart is a versatile storage solution for craft supplies. It provides ample space for various materials and can be easily moved around your crafting space. Look for a cart with multiple tiers or shelves and consider one with drawers for smaller items. You can also hang additional storage units or hooks on the sides of the cart to maximize space.

Tackle boxes

Tackle boxes aren’t just for fishing! They can be repurposed to store small craft supplies like beads, threads, or needles. Tackle boxes are divided into compartments, making it easy to sort and organize your materials. The handle and compact design allow for easy transport, making it a practical option for crafters on the move.

Utilize Vertical Space

Install wall-mounted organizers

To optimize your storage space, consider installing wall-mounted organizers. These can include shelves, cubbies, or even mail organizers. They provide a dedicated spot for your craft supplies while keeping them easily accessible. You can hang baskets, bins, or hooks on the organizers to further enhance your storage capabilities.

Hang over-the-door organizers

Over-the-door organizers are a great option if wall space is limited or you want to keep your supplies hidden. They come in various sizes and configurations, from clear pockets to hanging shelves. Hang one on your craft room door or inside a closet door to store small items like paint tubes, glue, or brushes. This saves space and keeps everything neatly tucked away.

Use hanging storage pockets

Hanging storage pockets are versatile and easy to install. They can be hung on a wall, the back of a door, or even inside a closet. Each pocket provides a designated spot for craft supplies like scissors, pens, or tape, and they can be easily seen and accessed. Invest in a hanging storage pocket with multiple compartments to make the most of your vertical space.

What Are Some Effective Ways To Organize Craft Supplies?

Create a Crafting Station

Designate a dedicated space

To establish a functional crafting area, designate a specific space in your home for your supplies and projects. This could be a spare room, a corner of your bedroom, or even a portion of your dining table. Having a dedicated space helps you stay focused and minimizes distractions. If possible, try to create a separate area solely for crafting to make it easier to keep your supplies organized.

Include a work surface

A crafting station isn’t complete without a designated work surface. Whether it’s a large table or a sturdy desk, having a dedicated space to work on your projects is crucial. Make sure the surface is spacious enough to accommodate your materials and provides ample room for you to create. Consider adding storage drawers or shelves underneath the table to keep your supplies within reach.

Have everything within reach

To create an efficient crafting station, ensure that your most frequently used supplies are easily accessible. Store them in containers, caddies, or organizers that can be placed within arm’s reach of your work surface. This saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on your creative process instead of searching for materials.

Repurpose Household Items

Use mason jars

Mason jars are not only trendy but also practical when it comes to organizing craft supplies. Use them to store and display small items like paintbrushes, markers, or pens. You can also attach the lids to the underside of a shelf or cabinet and twist the jars onto the lids, creating a unique storage system that keeps everything visible and easily accessible.

Reuse shoe organizers

Don’t overlook the versatility of shoe organizers when it comes to organizing craft supplies. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door or on a wall and use the pockets to store various materials. From ribbons and yarn to paint tubes and scrapbook paper, shoe organizers provide plenty of space to keep your supplies sorted and within reach.

Repurpose spice racks

Spice racks can be repurposed as functional storage for your craft supplies. Mount a spice rack on a wall or the inside of a cabinet door and use it to hold small bottles of paint, glitter, or other small items. The tiered design of spice racks maximizes space and allows you to easily see and access your supplies.

Keep Small Items Together

Use compartmentalized trays

Compartmentalized trays are a great solution for keeping small craft items organized. Whether it’s beads, buttons, or sewing notions, use trays with divided sections to separate and sort your materials. You can stack the trays on shelves or inside drawers, making it easy to keep everything together while maximizing space. Consider using trays with removable dividers so you can customize the size of each compartment.

Invest in drawer organizers

If you have a dedicated crafting drawer, invest in drawer organizers to keep your supplies tidy. Use individual dividers or trays to separate and categorize your materials. From glitter and glue to brushes and stamps, drawer organizers are an efficient way to keep small items from becoming jumbled or lost. Label each section for easy identification and to maintain an organized drawer.

Use small containers

Small containers like pill organizers or bead containers are ideal for storing tiny craft supplies. They come in various sizes and usually have individual compartments, making it easy to sort and access small items like beads, brads, or eyelets. These containers can be stacked, placed in drawers, or stored in larger bins, keeping all your small materials organized and in one place.

Use a Pegboard

Hang tools and supplies

A pegboard is an excellent way to store and display your crafting tools and supplies. Hang hooks or pegs on the board to hold scissors, rulers, brushes, or other frequently used items. This not only keeps everything organized but also ensures your tools are easily accessible. You can even use containers or baskets attached to the board to store smaller items like pens, buttons, or paint tubes.

Keep frequently used items visible

One of the benefits of using a pegboard is that it allows you to keep your most frequently used items visible and within reach. Arrange your tools and supplies in a way that makes sense to you, and ensure that everything is easily seen and accessed. This will save you time and effort when working on your crafts and prevent you from searching through drawers or bins.

Customize the layout

The beauty of a pegboard is that it’s highly customizable. You can arrange the hooks, pegs, and containers in any way that suits your needs and preferences. Experiment with different layouts and configurations until you find the perfect organization system for your craft supplies. Remember to leave room to add or change items as your project needs evolve.

In conclusion, organizing craft supplies can make a world of difference in your creative process. By using storage containers, utilizing wall space, sorting by category, labeling everything, considering portable options, utilizing vertical space, creating a crafting station, repurposing household items, keeping small items together, and using a pegboard, you can create a functional and organized crafting space that will inspire your creativity and make your crafting experience more enjoyable. So roll up your sleeves, embrace these organizing tips, and get ready to unleash your creative potential!