Get Inspired: Affordable Furniture and Designer Dupes in Kristen McGowan’s Target Shop with Me

Hey there! Join Kristen McGowan as she takes you on a shop-with-me adventure at Target to explore their new home decor and furniture for 2024. In this video, Kristen showcases the latest collections from Threshold by Studio McGee and Hearth & Hand with Magnolia by Chip and Joanna Gaines. You’ll find everything from artificial plants to affordable furniture and designer dupes. Kristen’s aim is to provide viewers with plenty of inspiration and ideas for their own homes. She also shares interior design trends for 2024 and various room makeovers. Don’t forget to follow Kristen on her social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat for more design inspiration. Happy shopping!

Affordable Furniture and Designer Dupes: Kristen McGowan’s Target Shop with Me

Are you looking for affordable furniture and designer dupes? Look no further than Kristen McGowan’s Target shop with me experience. In this video, Kristen takes you along to Target to explore their new furniture and home decor for 2024. Whether you’re searching for interior design inspiration, room makeovers, or simply want to see what’s new in stores, this video has got you covered. Let’s dive into the details and discover all the amazing finds at Target.

About Kristen McGowan

Kristen McGowan, the interior designer featured in the video, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Sheridan College. With her expertise, she provides viewers with valuable insights and ideas for their own homes. Kristen is passionate about creating stylish spaces on a budget and has gained a significant following on various social media platforms. You can follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat to stay updated on the latest design trends and affordable decor options.

Shop with Me Experience

Kristen’s shop with me experience at Target is a must-watch. She starts her exploration in the dollar spot section, where items range from $3 to $5. Here, she discovers fantastic deals on fabric bins and acrylic tissue boxes, perfect for organizing your space. She also picks up cleaning labels, adding a stylish touch to spray bottles and pump bottles.

Moving on to the home section, Kristen delves into the spring Threshold by Studio McGee Collection. She highlights a new chair with cane webbing and a matching ottoman, both boasting a modern vintage look. Another standout piece is a versatile bench with a linen fabric and lightwood legs, ideal for adding seating to various rooms.

Kristen also showcases decorative items, such as a sculptural tray bowl and vintage-inspired vessels. These unique pieces add interest and character to any space. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of large-scale floor lamps and showcases one from the Studio McGee collection.

Get Inspired: Affordable Furniture and Designer Dupes in Kristen McGowans Target Shop with Me

Interior Design Trends for 2024

In addition to the shop with me experience, Kristen shares insights into interior design trends for 2024. She offers tips and inspiration to help you stay up-to-date with the latest styles. From top 10 interior design and home decor trends to room makeovers, this video has it all. Kristen provides a comprehensive guide for transforming your space and creating a fresh, modern look.

Target’s New Furniture and Home Decor

Target never disappoints when it comes to affordable furniture and home decor. Kristen explores the inventory both in-store and online, highlighting the best finds. She recommends checking out the online inventory, as it often features exclusive pieces. Kristen focuses on collections like the Threshold by Studio McGee Collection and the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

The Threshold by Studio McGee Collection offers a blend of traditional and modern styles with attractive color palettes. The furniture pieces are of high quality and resemble the more expensive McGee and Co. collection. Kristen raves about a new chair with cane webbing and a matching ottoman, perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your space. The collection also features a versatile bench, ideal for flexible seating options.

Moving on to the Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Collection, Kristen explores their focus on kitchen essentials and outdoor products. She recommends it for artificial plants and fake stems, highlighting the great prices on tall artificial trees. Kristen also mentions specific items like a candle holder, a perpetual calendar, ceramic mugs, and natural stone bowls. Additionally, she discusses the appeal of cordless KitchenAid appliances and colored glassware.

Get Inspired: Affordable Furniture and Designer Dupes in Kristen McGowans Target Shop with Me

Mixing Target Pieces with Vintage Decor

One of the great things about Target’s furniture and home decor is their ability to mix seamlessly with vintage pieces. Kristen encourages viewers to create a designer look at an affordable price by combining Target finds with vintage decor and high-end pieces. By blending different styles and eras, you can achieve a unique and personalized aesthetic that reflects your taste.

In conclusion, Kristen McGowan’s Target shop with me experience provides viewers with an abundance of ideas for their own homes. From affordable furniture and designer dupes to on-trend decor and room makeovers, this video is a treasure trove of inspiration. So, grab your notepad and pen and get ready to shop with Kristen at Target. Your stylish and budget-friendly home awaits!

Come shop with me at Target to see what’s new in stores for 2024 in Kristen McGowan’s Target Shop with Me video! Kristen will be checking out The spring Threshold by Studio McGee Collection and Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolias Hearth & Hand Collections new home decor and furniture in stores at Target. You’ll get the chance to see some of the best artificial plants, affordable furniture, and designer dupes, as well as living room decor, throw pillows, and household must-haves. By joining Kristen on this shopping trip, you’ll gather ideas on what to look for to spruce up your own home! Enjoy the video and let the inspiration flow! #shopwithme #target #studiomcgee #hearth&hand

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Here are some of the featured items from Kristen’s Target shopping trip:

  • Skirted swivel chair:
  • Wing Velvet Armchair:
  • Caned accent chair:
  • Upholstered office chair:
  • Lynwood ottoman cube:
  • Pillow top ottoman:
  • Fluted wood console table:
  • Basket bench:
  • Ceramic Vase:
  • Sage table lamp:
  • Pleated brass table lamp:
  • Pedestal coffee table:
  • Marble bowl:

If you’re looking for items to spruce up your family room, here are some recommendations from Kristen:

  • Loloi Skye Rug:
  • Loloi Jules Rug:
  • Sectional:
  • Swivel Chair:
  • Black side table:
  • Tv stand storage cabinets:
  • Gold semi circle pulls:
  • Battery Powered Wall Sconces:
  • Black Floor Lamp:
  • Gold Floor Lamp:
  • Blue plaid pillow:
  • Floral beige Pillow:
  • Rust linen Pillow:
  • Plaid Pillow:
  • Plaid throw blanket:
  • Large Landscape Wall Art:
  • Vintage Art prints:
  • Small vintage landscape canvas art:
  • Small vintage floral art:
  • Cherry Blossom Floral stems:
  • Brown babies breath floral stems:
  • Rug tape:
  • Mitre box + saw:
  • Mitre sheers:
  • Chair rail Molding:
  • Laser Level:
  • Extendable paint roller:
  • Paint: Benjamin Moore Intrigue

For your living room makeover, here are some recommended items:

  • White Sofa:
  • Boucle chairs:
  • Olive tree:
  • Coffee Table:
  • Ottomans:
  • Etsy prints:
  • Canvas art:
  • 8×10 Rosemarie Rug:
  • 9×12 Jute rug:
  • Rug tape:
  • H&M vase:
  • Curtains 50×96 (oatmeal):
  • Curtains 100×96 (oatmeal):
  • IKEA Vidga track system:
  • Puck lights:
  • Black IKEA Knobs:
  • Coffee table book:
  • Sage Lumbar Pillow:
  • Velvet sage pillow:
  • Table lamp:
  • Narrow console table:
  • Decorative beads:
  • Ribba Frame:

If you’re interested in room makeovers, Kristen has some captivating ones on her channel:


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